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Jan 13, 2007 -  Howdy everyone - it's a dark grey day that looks like more snow. John is groaning - I'm excited! and Payton well its Payton what can you say? One minute he's at our door being respective the next minute he's crapping in the house yet again. Mistress E is so frustrated by this. It seems no matter how often we take him out he'd crap on our porch (poop-sicles) or in the hall by our front door and then act all innocent.

John asked him every time he came to our door while Mistress E was out if he'd like to go out. Not just verbally but held the door open to him and not once did that lil Monster Payton budge towards the door.

I had Blue to our vet yesterday for his annual check up. Blue had gained 1/10th of a pound since last weight in (yr ago) so that's all good, he got his parvo / distemper vaccination and he's not due for his rabies until 2008. The leg that was broken in 2006 was checked again and all is well with Blue.  Good news indeed. Psst! I can be seen from time to time on DD&H Services office webcam and I love it if you  [Send Blue Fan Mail].  Bye for now - happy tail wagging all.

Jan 10, 2007 -  Arooooooo! We woke up to 3" of fresh white snow on the ground. I love to frolic in the snow but my new house mate Payton is a stick in the mud ...
Would Payton play with me? Of course not! Sheesh what use are you to me Payton!  Payton is the second rescue dog this household has adopted from Fur Baby Rescue and was a Christmas present from my John and Mistress R to Mistress E.  All he seems to want to do so far is sleep, eat and dirty the house despite being put out in our yard 4 or more times per day.  John took these pictures as he was finally able to get his pocket digital camera working today ...



John also got a new picture of me today in my bed under his peripheral stand and  immediately adjacent
to his workstation ...

I've been asking John to post larger pictures and he has as of today. If you like / dislike them please  [Send Blue Fan Mail] so we can register your likes.

We're both getting pruned on Jan 16th. John wants me done principally so they can see my eyes / see what mischief I might be up to <he he>. 

Happy tail wagging to all my four legged friends and my to my 2-legged friends thank you for adopting, loving us and including us as full participating members of your family! Bawoof, Woof, Woof until we meet again.

Jan 9, 2007 -  Bow, Wow, Woof!  I got fan mail, I got fan mail and dog gone it was a good one. My master John got to learn a bit more about me. Actually Mistress E upon reading the fan mail said she really could not believe Blue would play with little girls.  In this life I'm an effective door bell except for one thing none of the humans here have found out how to make be quiet <large grin>.  John does not have any recent photographs of me but he came across this short video clip in which I was eating my kibble. We stopped by our veterinary this AM and picked up my food - also made an appointment for my annual exam and some shots that are due on Jan 12th. The weather is turning nasty here right now. It was a grey day this AM but 80 Kmph (50 mph) winds are due here this afternoon accompanied by heavy rain and tomorrow AM they are predicting snow <Ugh!> And I think John said we're going grocery shopping this afternoon <Double Ugh!> [Send Blue Fan Mail]

Jan 6, 2007 - Happy and Safe tail wagging New Years to all my four legged friends! Not much to End of December 2006 outside Blue's window!report from here except that Payton, Mistress E's new Shih-Tzu, is driving Mistress E nuts. Not sure what his problems all are but sometimes he gets it correct and asks to go out. Most times he just finds a quiet place in the house to leave a package. It's discomforting you know. He's been her, I think, three weeks now and by now I would have thought he'd have the new house all sorted out. 

Anyway life continues for Master John and I. We go walking nearly every day which I love and each time we try to go a little bit further. Except of course yesterday when it was raining like a monsoon here.  I wanted to get home as fast as I could and voluntarily cut my walk short. Holy wet fur!  I was soaked to the skin everywhere I bet in the first 50 feet. Master John gave me a vigorous towel dry as soon as he got his coat of - my he is good to me.  Speaking of being good to me he's going to get my dinner ready for me now and I think I'll get the last of the turkey in it as a treat. Dog howdy do I ever love turkey! Licking my mosh all around in anticipation.

I haven't had any fan mail in a while [Send Blue Fan Mail]


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