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Dec 29, 2006 - Well just as the New Year is often a time of new beginning so it is around our home. Mistress R. moved out yesterday to house site for three-months and then most likely to get her own place. Even though we were forewarned of this event Mistress E. is taking it very hard (so far). Blue keeps sniffing at her door as next to John he is very fond of her. Still as John has said to me - one of the great lessons in life is come to the point where you can allow life to unfold for those in your own life without a lot of angst in yourself. As I've watched John in the last year deal with a death in the family and now this I agree it seems to be a lesson he has well learned. More soon as I can or rather soon as I can pressure John into posting more ... Wooof, Woof, WOOOF my friends!

Dec 28, 2006 - Happy and prosperous New Year friends!  I've got great news to share today.  As most of you know E.J.W. purchased me to be a family dog but I selected Master John to be my special human. I go everywhere with him except the bathroom - I'm willing to got there to but at this John draws the line. He feeds, walks and grooms me, takes me in the car with him, shares his room with me, plays with me.  If you read the Nov 28th installment directly below you'd know that a second adoption was happening for a Shih Tzu for E.J.W.  That is now complete and E.J.W. and Payton are in separable. On Christmas day this year E.J.W. floored John and I by making it official (gift) I now belong to John and John belongs to me. We are both so happy!!! Although at first it was hard to tell because John wept at this news. In fact he later shared that this is the best Christmas present he has ever received. I feel the same - Woof, Wooof, WOOOF.

Yesterday John stopped in at our Vetrinarian's office and had them change my records over to his name. And also ordered my months supply of food. Nice to know he plans to feed me and everything. Also, I hear that early in the New Year I'm going to the groomer.  I've been wearing a nice deep red coloured bell on my collar this season. Everyone likes it because it gives them a chance to know where I am.

Another thing that happened very recently is that E.J.W. got hearing aids - what a huge difference that made to everyone. 

Payton and I for the most part get along very well. I have told him off once or twice when he has either tried eating my food or going after one of my favourite chew toys. Sometimes he doesn't understand I'm serious and tries the chew toy routine several times in a row - what a dumb bell!  All for now happy barking and tail wagging to all my friends everywhere.

 Nov 28, 2006 - Happy tail wagging to all my friends this morning. We got a big surprise yesterday, 10" of fresh snow on the ground!  For those of you who are used to snow in the winter time - fine and dandy - but to us here where we are supposed to have a mild Mediterranean like climate ... uh-huh now you get it :)  Well let me share with you I had a ball in the snow the first night ... trying to jump over it Master John quipped I was either trying to body surf or doing bunny hops around my yard.  And when I came in I had half a gazillion snow balls matted into my bib and withers. Despite a vigorous toweling from John all soon realized the best way was to let these snow balls melt and then towel me dry. I must admit for the last 24 - 36 hrs I've enjoyed coming in from the yard only to share these snow balls with everyone in the house - simply by shaking - lol, lol, lol. My pets all comment and thank me for sharing. Although judging by the different tones in use I think safe to assume some are NOT amused.

John has informed me that the search for a dog companion expressly for E.J.W. is over and that the adoption of Payton, from www.furbabyrescue.com, is in progress. Company for Mistress E.J.W. playmate for me. Apparently Payton likes to howl so John has said to me perhaps he'd like to sign with us. Instead of a duet we'd be a trio. I'm certainly willing to try this out so long as everyone realizes that I was here first and I'm the boss dog.  [Comments?]

Nov 15, 2006 - Master john apologizes for his tardiness in updating my blog ... excuse he's way busier than normal at this time of the year. Anyway I'm fine, doing my best to keep my ears down when I go out in the yard or elsewhere lest I mimic the "Flying Nun" and become Flying Blue!  Dog oh dog has it ever been windy and wet lately. John and I do our best to nip out for a walk in the lulls. He's under the weather just now with a sinus infection so walks are on hold till that clears are up.

My people pets have been looking for a smallish adult Shih Tzu for Mistress E. Since I'm bonded to Master John and he sometimes quips look Blue you can't get any closer unless we're being twinned!  Anyway Master John has been in touch with Eleni N. at www.furbabyrescue.com where they found me and the watch is on.  I hope we two dogs get along and can play at times. Another thing Master John and Mistress E. are faithful at and that's taking me for car rides ... I just love going in the car.  The only other people that give me any problems are large noisy trucks, Bicycles and service station attendants ... I bark and bark at those in spite of being told by my pets to be quiet.  I've got the service station attendants trained at our favourite gas station - now they come to the car and bring me a Milk Bone <he he he>.

Oh and Master John finally got the webcam repaired ... so he's trying to get in focus new pictures of me. Of course I move so fast at times that he finds this a challenge. Last I heard he was muttering about doing a couple of things soon (a) getting a wireless cam he could attach to me on a harness so that I could make and share with my dog friends clips of my adventures; (b) he's talking about configuring the webcam to automatically track me in our room.

Have not had any fan mail in a while dog gone it ... anyway he's my e-mail address for you all again [Comments?]

Oct 17, 2006 - Bow wow, wow, wow, Woof even. Free at last Free at least thank you Dr. Jonathon my splint is off Wahoo!  I can go for walks, run to my hearts content, jump up, jump down Oh Dog, Oh Dog, oh Dog .... what to do first, what to do first. Honestly friends I don't know what I want to do most ... since I can't decide may be a nap is what I'll do first ... Yawn in this nice sunny patch.

My pets spoke with Dr. Jonathon Smith @ Anicare about some suggestions Eleni N. had made when she heard I'd broken my leg. While he recognizes that hydrotherapy could be useful he says that here in Canada only major research facilities have this equipment. He says if we wish to do this we can do it ourselves using slowly increased levels of water in a bath tub. On the topic of Synovi G3 (he didn't know of this one specifically) or something similar for arthritis, Dr Smith noted there is no sign of arthritis at this time. But if there were he would not hesitate to recommend something specific to onset arthritis. He did go on to say that with much of these type of remedies there has not been a definitive study yet which shows that dogs without arthritis can benefit in any way by taking one of these remedies.

I don't have any really recent pictures of me but my pet John has got one of the houses digital cameras working again so there is hope. Happy tail wagging and tummy rubs to you all where ever you may be.  [Comments?]

Sep 27, 2006 - Happy tail wagging my 4-legged friends. I've had my penthouse closed to me. Mistress E. and Master John decided this, pretty much without my consultation, due to my broken leg. It's understandable for my pets to make a knee jerk reaction like this. The damage is done folks and it was done in the backyard - when I slipped on one of the steel stairs - no where near my penthouse - like D-uh!  Isn't this a 'lil like closing the barn-door after the horse has bolted?  And in this case you closed the WRONG BARN DOOR! Oh well what can a dog really expect from well meaning pets> I sleep more now since I can't easily look out the window. John and E. play with me and my squeaky stuffed toys pretty much every day - but I'm not allowed out for walks while I'm re-couperating so I'm a tad bored.  All I do presently is eat, drink, poop, play, sleep, beg for lunch tidbits, sleep, beg for dinner tidbits, eat my supper, drink, poop, watch some TV and maybe play some more and then sleep.  If I'm really lucky I might get to do errands with one or both of my pets in the car. I love going with my pets in the car.

This coming Monday Oct. 2nd Master John and Mistress E. take me back to see Dr. Jonathon Smith @ Anicare Veterinarian Hospital for an interim x-ray. So we can be sure these breaks are healing correctly. Sure hope so - I mean I feel great and the splint they put on me is awesome. Doesn't bother me at all.   I sure hope that the Doc reports the healing is going well. John doesn't say he is concerned but a dog can tell these things - he's concerned for me just as any human best friend would be.

None of you have sent me any fan mail or comments in ages. On top of my medical incarceration this is hard from me to understand. Maybe none of you, whom ever you are, love or care about me anymore? [Comments?]

P.S.: Maybe I'm wasting my time updating this blog.

Sep 3, 2006 - John (webmaster) is posting this update - Blue being incapacitated with a broken leg. That's right folks he is at the vet now recovering from being tranquilized today so his right rear leg (looking from tail to nose), in which he had cleanly broken two bones, could be x-rayed and splinted. Poor Blue!  We are not exactly sure how this happened. He went out in his backyard yesterday and came back in not wanting to move around much. This on top of his ongoing different diet ... I need to win a lottery soon. Just kidding we all love him, and he loves all of us, but wow he's been expensive the last couple of months.

Added after we picked him up from the vet.  Blue has  three breaks in two bones below his knee and above his ankle. A little more in one of them and the bone would have broken through his skin, required surgery with plates and / or pins. He's been splinted and has a bright blue sock over it!  He remains in the splint for eight weeks, he gets checked by the vet every 2 weeks, he has pain medicine for the first 10-days. Blue is not allowed to go up or down any stairs - period. This could be interesting as it's one step down into both our room (his and mine) and into our family room. And to go in or outside it's three steel stairs. Blue also has to wear an empty intravenous bottle over his sock to keep it dry if he goes out when the ground is wet. [Comments?]

Aug 10, 2006 - Been a while friends since we could update this. Lets see now first Mistress E's and Master John's Mom had her 99th birthday, 2 weeks later had a bad stroke and a week later died. All immediate family except for Master John and I camped out at the hospital 24/7 to make sure she was not alone. Our home became like a command centre, people coming and going, phones ringing at all hours etc.

Then the last few days I've had an upset tummy. I threw up 6 times in one day. And have been to the vet twice in the last two days for blood tests, checking for dehydration and such resulting in a dietary change in the short term.

And what now seems an age ago, but really was just before all this got going, I got my second hair cut from my new groomer. It's been hot for here hovering around the 30's C so I was very glad of the shorter cut.

Today's pictures are of me, today, in my penthouse beside master John's computer. Bet you can tell this is my favourite bed in the house. Great view, wonderful whiffs, lots of toing and froing to keep me interested. And of course from time to time I get vocal making my presence known and sometimes surprising the life, ahh the heck out of walkers <he, he, he>.

July 12, 2006 - I wonder if I might need glasses?  I wouldn't want my pets to know that I wonder about this but I like them have noticed that my coordination between nose and mouth is often off.  It's most obvious when I try to bury (hide) a treasure. I'll bunt the item with my nose many, many times only to discover that is has not moved at all. Maybe I'm near sighted - is that possible for a Lhasa Apso? Everything seems in perfect order when I run for a toy except that I may well bump into a chair or table leg just as I turn to run.  The other thing I notice is when I'm teased a little with a chew toy and I make a grab for it with my teeth either I miss completely or I'm late. After much paw tapping and extra loves from family I'm pondering these questions. I've seen pictures of other dogs wearing Doggles and they look pretty snappy to me. Think my favourites are the ILS (Interchangeable Lens System) model which would blend right in my colouring. [Comments?]

July 1, 2006 - HAPPY CANADA DAY !!!
As I was waking up this AM I thought well what will I do today. And before I knew it the whole family was in the car going for a drive. I love going out in the car. Family puts 1 or 2 car windows partly down for me so I can get just my head out. Mistress E. thinks I'm imitating the flying nun look. Guess that's a hint about her age .  When we came home I wondered about how best to celebrate Canada Day.

I found my answer taking an upside down nap.  I'm hearing rumours we may be going out again a little later. Back to Sidney to pick up Mistress R. and then go out for a soft ice cream.  As I told you on June 20th I LOVE SOFT ICE CREAM. [Comments?]

June 20, 2006 - Hi friends - happy tail wagging and butt sniffing to you all today.  What fun we had last night. About 8:30 pm last evening Mistress R. suggested all of us pile in the car (aka: Minx) and go roaming in the gloaming. What in hell does that mean and while do their "r's" sound funny when they utter this phrase?  Tell me, tell me, tell me dam it what does this mean?

In the car with John driving, Mistress E in the passenger seat, me and Mistress R. in the back - Mistress R. announced we were Dad, Mom and the kids - all had a good laugh at this.  Frankly I wondered who was the Dad - as I'm at times by far the most mature :D.  Anyway, we ended up going to Dairy Queen a wonderful soft ice cream store in Sidney. Mistress E. had a small butterscotch Sunday topped with pecans, Mistress R. had brought her own low cal, fat free yogurt (we all disliked her for this), John had a medium cone dipped in chocolate and for me Oh my!  They got me ice cream in a dish with a Milk Bone. 

I like Dairy Queen and understand this to be a summer activity. Lets all hope summer is here for a long while!  [Comments?]

June 13, 2006 - Oh dog, Oh dog, Oh dog I'm going to a party tonight! It's Master John's birthday. He's says it's his 47th but I've heard it whispered that some darn weird math was used to establish this.  The smells in this house today are driving me wild. My nose is fair exhausted sniffing them. John has cooked honey curried chicken for the family tonight. He says cooking is his gift to all his friends and family on his birthday. He says that a true home should be full of the aromas of cooking wholesome comfort food. He likes to make soups, bake, stews, lash ups, pasta, roasts, vegetables, and apple sauce. etc.  Apple Sauce let me tell you every fall he makes about 40 - 60 lbs of apple sauce from Empire Apples. It's awesome! 

I like parties and I can hardly wait for tonight's festivities to begin.

June 11, 2006 - Been a while since we updated this. My oh my the days are busy around here. And really not a whole lot to write about or report. John and Mistress R. have had a series of meetings with both thee BC Provincial government and the Canadian Federal government. This coming week everyone has Dr's appointments. The weather has been changeable. Sunny one day, rain and cloud the next and so on. The farmer continues to work his fields. The corn has sprouted and I'm told it won't be all that long before we'll have corn on the cob (what ever this is). Mistress E. is recovering from her knee surgery so fast!  Wow, she's already mostly using one cane and occasionally a wheeled walker. Lacrosse season is well and truly underway which keep John and Uncle Brad busy live videocasting a number of these games. The neighbours have had lots of company, bar-b-que's etc. The whiffs drive me crazy !!!   In today's picture I'm cuddling with John kissing his nose and wrist because he's so kind to me. [Comments?]

June 1, 2006 - Happy tail wagging to all my 4-legged friends where ever they are.  To my human pets see what you're missing out on by evolving to not have tails - silly pets.  Pet John (Aka: Chef John) is driving us all nuts today concocting a new lash up for tonight's dinner. My little nose is twitching overtime. While I like my duck and potatoe kibble; I really like it when they flavour it just a touch with what they are having. Lets me imagine I'm at the table with them. Mistress Ronalynn and the entire family got some awesome news yesterday. Mistress R's daughter, Sarah, has been named the Chief Page of the Senate (Canadian Parliament) for the 2006-07 session.  This is a huge honour! My feathers are all puffed up with family pride. isn't she a beautiful looking young lady. And guys she is spoken for so pooh-pooh to you :D

Its a miserable wet, rainy, drippy day here. The sky's are overcast, its warm, but with near 100% humidity its not a day to be very physically active. Perfect day for an afternoon siesta.  [Comments?]

May 14 - 29, 2006 - Sorry to have to post an all encompassing update for this period but life has been very busy. What with Mistress E's remarkable fast recovery, with my groomer, Sharon, deciding not to come due to my indiscretion (tail between legs, eyes down turned). The search for a new groomer. Pet John got his driver's license renewed which he had let expire for the past 23 months. Comings and goings to Doctors, physio, friends in, the gardener (new) getting the flower and plant beds in order and our micro-underground sprinkling system tuned up, the purchase of a new electric lawnmower. Partly so the noise would not both my sensitive ears. Wow, these pets of mine try to think of everything to make more comfortable. Mistress Ronalynn working. I tell you never any rest for me!  

And then we found a potential new groomer where I go to their shop. I'm so proud of current clipping. It's really comfortable. They like me and I like them.  Oh and the groomer reported a yellow coloured fungus like growth on the fronts of some of my pads, between the pad and the curl of my nails. No time was wasted in contacting my vet, learning what it is and how to treat it. I'm impressed these pets of mine care for my health as quickly as they tackle their own. [Comments?]

May 13, 2006 - Well folks it's round two to me vs. the groomer. I bit her today so she had to stop my session and get two stitches. I also snapped at pet John and just missed his nose. My groomer blames it being a full moon. None of my pets are very happy presently but no one spanked me for what I did - guess they are all to astonished.  Next they tried a light muzzle but I was out of that in two shakes of a lambs tail. The groomer said shed' back in 10-days to finish the grooming.

John speaking:  Your pets, all three of us, are absolutely astonified at your behavior today. We've no clue what caused this and we frankly don't understand it at all!

May 10, 2006 - I'm in a rush, a terrible terrible rush looking for a good hiding place. Why you may well ask? That pet of mine, John, whispered the "high-jump" (See Mar. 13, 2006 entry below) to me when I woke up this AM. Then he said well not really the high-jump - this will be more like a low-jump but he didn't explain.

John speaking:  "Blue" relax!  Your getting a trim, nail clipping and bath this coming Saturday. That's all, gee, relax a bit take the load off - Ok?

Blue: Well ok as you've never lied to me but I'm still going to have the last woof, woof, woof on the topic.

John speaking:  Don't you always? .................................... Oh! maybe I will get the last word this time <he he>

Some little while later - Blue: Bark, Woof <John, or not>

May 5, 2006 - Hi folks - happy tail wags to each and every one of you. Remember in our last installment how we told you about a small suitcase? Turns out that Mistress E. has been in hospital all this week (gets home tomorrow we hope) having her second knee replaced. I overhear Mistress R. and John  how she would know be a bionic woman. Anyway when she gets home I'll have to continue to bunk in with John for a while cause I'm apparently not to clever about how and where I put my paws or my butt for the matter when I'm on Mistress E's bed. I'm not being punished, nor is John, this is just for Mistress E's comfort and indeed safety while she heels.

The other goings on around here has been the farmer, fields across the street from us, has been preparing his fields for planting. Several days ago he sprayed a pesticide we think, then a few days later he put down some fertilizer. My family all thought it was odiferous (stinky) not me I wanted to go romp around in it and learn the new smells - but was not allowed! Then yesterday a bigger piece of equipment was in the field. It clanked and banged a bit, I barked at it. Guess the driver / farmer could not hear me as just went on with his business. Here is a picture of what the farmer was doing. I know it's not great cause we had to shoot through the screen window. But if you know what he was doing please send me Bark Mail and tell me too.

Apr. 23, 2006 - Had a weird day for me today or so my pets say. I was barking at everything, even shadows. I managed to get pet John to the front door about 6 times during the day for absolutely nothing. As you can see in this picture I was having a bad hair day (top knot sticking straight up). My fur is coming back in quite nicely after my shearing on Mar 13 (see story below). My ears and van dyke now hang in my water bowl so I can shake and drip everywhere afterwards. My tail has grown back out to a length that hides my privates when I hold it high! The women folk of the house Mistresses E. and R. are particularly happy with this! John has tried to trim my nails, they need it, but I hate it - so I don't give him an easy time of it. Think he is actually frightened of this with me <he he>. One strange thing is that I noticed a small suit case in the living room this AM. I don't detect any guest so I can only imagine that one or more of my pets is taking a trip. More will be revealed in this regard as I discover it. Oh also got some fan mail recently which I love - please keep it coming. [Comments?]

Apr. 12, 2006 - Really nothing to report except life goes on and I'm happy with my family. I as off my food for 2 days and a bit which always concerns my pet John.  I ate this morning so he is a bit more relaxed. Also our neighbor Myron has begun taking me for long walks most days. He has to walk as part of his Dr's orders and he can walk much farther than any of pets. I enjoy these very much but come back with my tongue hanging down as far as it can. All I want is a long cold drink of clear water and a place for a restorative nap. [Comments?]

Apr. 5, 2006 - I had a visitor today from Brampton, ON. Fredericka a miniature Schnauzer and her mistress Nancy came over to visit my pet Ronalynn.  I was pretty good about this. We sniffed each other, played a bit, had a dog bisquit (thxs Ronalynn) each and finally settled down to rest.  [Comments?]


Apr. 4, 2006 - Been a few days since this was updated. Everyone's been very busy around here. It's tax time and last weekend was the birthday due. On top of which daylight savings time came into effect. Weather has been crazy too, today was a beautiful spring day where as yesterday looked like fall <brrr> with pouring rain and blowing all day. Mistress E. even thought she saw some lighting strikes but we did not hear any thunder this time <Yes there is a higher power that protects all fur babies!>.  The picture on the right is of a very rare bird, my cousin Brad. Even though I'm not in frame I'm wedged between John and Brad.  Think this is all for me today... being as it's pretty late here and <yaaawwwwn> time for us fur babies to get some much needed shut eye. [Comments?]

Mar 26, 2006 - It's been very busy around here last several days. New, to me, people coming and going, new stuff wrapped in gay coloured paper with bows, fancy clothes, me in my best bib and tucker (a purple polka dotted bandana) all in aid of celebrating Mistress E's. 75th birthday.  My pets tell me I was ever so well behaved and that they are all proud of me. Last night John and I howled a lovely duet rendition of "Happy Birthday" much to the delight of the party goers. Today the guest are gone back to their homes and Mistress E is a bit sad having had only a  few hours over 2-days with a son and daughter-in-law she had not seen for 6 years. I can't speak for the others but I'd like a lil bit more quiet for a day or two so I can catch up on my nap times. [Comments?]

Mar 22, 2006 - Yesterday my pet John was installing a wireless network and a TV-Tuner card in one of the family computers. I so wanted to be with him that I displayed some butt-headed behavior. I backed my rump and tail into the open and running computer. John was scared for me that some of my tail feathers might get entangled in one or more of the spinning fans in the computer. We are happy to announce that I escaped unscathed this time (discreet woof). [Comments?]

Mar 21, 2006 - In response to recent fan mail regarding the loss of my former coat I woofed the following response to John for posting on my blog ...

  • my coat was badly matted close to my skin and badly needed a cutting;
  • my fur coat grows back;
  • as it's been getting warmer I've been panting a lot;
  • since the grooming session I'm so much for more comfortable;
  • It's only fur and it helped the nesting birds for which I'm glad.
  • Now 8-days after my initial response I regret saying "I felt raped".

Certainly at first this cut was quite the surprise to me and I think to my pets. I heard Mistress E. give the groomer, Sharron Donnelly, instructions that she did not want my coat this short. However, as the groomer got into it she showed Mistress E. and John how bad the matting was and how close it was to my skin. Consensus, between the groomer and my three human pets, was that it had to come off to get back to a pure base. For my part, now 8-days after my grooming I like my shorter coat look for the spring and summer. I feel like a million dog bones - certainly one of the best dressed Lhasa Apso's of my acquaintance.

By this coming winter while I'll be glad of my warmer coat for the seasonal chill and dampness I will long for next summer when I can once again have this marvelous fur do.

Thanks for the fan mail and please keep your [Comments?] coming!

Mar 13, 2006 - You remember I left off on March 10 with a P.S.: that my pet John kept telling me I was for the "high-jump".  Dog-alive people pets are not to be trusted!  Last Saturday the 12th I was introduced to a nice new lady named Sharron Donnelly who turned out to be my new groomer.  I feel raped! Where in heck do my pets get off making me look like a Mexican Hairless? I ask you what self-respecting pure-bred Lhasa Apso would be caught dead looking like this <Yeesh>.  John quipped I'm two (2) lbs lighter. I'm not but gee-whiz they have a plastic grocery store bag full of my missing fur <sniff> .  One thing, one of the few things I'm happy about  is that the birds that are nesting this spring will benefit from this treasure. But dam-it  - it was my fur and nobody asked me what I wanted.  I would have been very happy with a shorter clipping, getting rid of the matting and so on; nice having my nails clipped and Sharron gave me a lovely bath with smell pre ... dear me I mean handsome <he he>. She clipped my glands so short I bit myself raw ... what are these "loving" pets trying to do? drive a sane dog - mad. 

One thing next time John starts making that sinister laugh and talking about the high-jump I'm going in to hiding. [Comments?]

Mar 10, 2006 - Last night we had a THUNDER & LIGHTING storm centered right over our house. I didn't like it from at least two standpoints (a) the noise was very, VERY loud and (b) the house and floor shook!  My pets say I was frantic. Running here there and everywhere looking for a "safe haven".  My troubles in this regard became somewhat clearer when John realized <D-uh!> that all would be easier for me if my three pets were together in one place.  Let me tell you my fellow four-legged friends even though my pets tried to reassure me by telling it was God and the angles taking a few hours off for a heavenly bowling party; ah how ignorant do they think I am, I mean to say!  This tactic may have worked when you were parents with young pups, but I wasn't having any of it and neither would any self-respecting adult four-legged animal especially the smart ones - us dogs.  In any case the  ah-hem 'bowling' went on for some time while I glommed on to John's chair next to the window (cooler) and he tried to reassure me. Later it passed and it was time for last evening pee I slunk down the stairs and bolted back up. When in bed with Mistress E. overnight I kept my paws crossed as long as I could and bolted outside the AM - what a relief. I must say that Mistress E's humming, soft but firm pressure while stroking me and being able to cuddle against her (she was my rock last night) settled my racing heart, furrowed brow and panting tongue in approx. 5-minutes. All in all I did not enjoy the thunder. I think I could tolerate the lightning without the former.

P.S.: John keeps telling me all this week that today (Saturday) I'm for the high jump accompanied by a sinister laugh. Wonder what that means. Let you know soon. [Comments?]

Mar 8, 2006 - Couple of days ago my webmaster John installed my bluecam (webcam) which you can view here. It doesn't always feature me. Depends what I'm doing and where I am at the time. If I'm not in frame common other subjects are Frank and Gordon Beaver, Clawed, John, other family members, local traffic and weather, sunsets, corn growing (summer / fall), etc. Yesterday Mistress E. and Auntie Anne took me with them to visit their 98 year old mother in a local extended care hospital. It was the 2nd time we've done this and I was good as gold. Spent time with grandma on her bed letting her stroke and scratch me. Was patient (pun intended) at the time this took.  Wagged my tale at other patients and staff in the facility. Rode there and back on my Mistress' lap. Except about have way home I needed a Blue nap. So I just jumped into the back seat where my travelling mattress is and curled up till we got home. My family is so kind to me. They've provided me with dedicated Blue space in my mistress' room, in webmaster John's office, in the car and in the family room. I'm also welcome on any furniture provided I don't have muddy or wet paws and excepting two chairs which feature needle work by their 98 year old Mom.  I am so lucky in this new home!  I absolutely know I am loved and I love all three of my family right back. [Comments?]

Feb 25, 2006 - Got word from Eleni N. that I'm now a successful adoption <woo hoo>.  I'm so glad because I love my three adult pets and I know they love me.  My infected eye is clear now, I've gained a little weight. I now weigh approx 24 lbs and I feel great!. John has sprained one knee  - I didn't do it or have anything to do with it!!!  In any case that's impacted my daily walks but I love my yard.  Good thing too ... One night last week through an apparent mis-communication <ah-hem> between my adult pets <cough> they left me out in the yard for two (2) hours in near zero (F) temperature. Man alive was I ever glad they finally remembered me. The lot of them were a tad embarrassed and the extra loving I got was great <he he>.  How could 'loving pets' forget me? Well never mind I'll make sure they don't do it again anytime soon for any reason what so ever <period>. [Comments?]

Feb 5, 2006 - Wow! John and I now howl at the moon in harmony! I don't have either a sound or video clip of this to share with you but think my pet  John is working on this. My other pets Ronalynn and Elizabeth are out to church just now. So my boy John and I are just hanging out 'listening to tunes mixed with liberal belly rubbing. [Comments?]

Jan 31, 2006 - My webmaster apologizes for not updating this sooner. Month end he's been kind of busy, plus had a tooth extracted and stitches. So he's been a tad owiee. Plus the weather has been ala monsoon around here making walks hit and miss between passing squall lines. Let me tell you does it ever rain and blow in these here parts!  One of my pets, John, remarked just this afternoon that if we'd gone out in this wind I'd have had to anchor him. Strewth! I also heard him remark that for most of today the weather has been ETBAW which means Even The Birds Are Walking!!!  Uh-huh well I'm happy all curled up on my afghan :) [Comments?]

Jan 24, 2006 - Well home again after my first visit to my new vet Dr. Jonathon Smith of Anicare Veterinarian Hospital. He was so nice. I'm 23.2 lbs and just right according to the Dr. My eye is still infected and I'm staying on the same ointment. The Dr. thinks the effectiveness of the cream may have been negated by the steroid I've been on. I have to have a fresh urinalysis within the next 24 hrs and he is contacting my old vet to get previous test results. I'm to stay on my duck and potato diet for the present prime and no treats at all except for Medi-Treats  from Medi-Cal Veterinarian Diets. Once my health problems are sorted Dr. Smith would prefer that I not eat any commercially processed diet at all and that I go on an entirely natural one from a local supplier that specializes in hypo-allergenic foods for animals. [Comments?]

Jan 23, 2006 - My pets all agree I'm being a "butt" today.

Jan 22, 2006 - Comment from Eleni N. from Furbaby Rescue "I really enjoy checking his website out, it gives me a lot of comfort to be updated like that, it is wonderful"

Jan 21, 2006 Picture #4 in today's gallery post shows that I'm quicker than a camera! [Comments?]

Jan 19, 2006 - John has started working with me trying to acclimatize me to the big trucks that whiz past.  I think it's helping. I still don't like them but as my new pets (masters) work with me, show me love, patience, kindness and understanding (aren't they wonderful) it has a calming effect on me. I'm trying. [Comments?]

Jan 18, 2006 -  Oooops!  I tripped my mistress Ronalynn last night in the dark. I walked in front of her in the dark and she went right over me. Backside over tea kettle so to speak. I'm fine but she is not. She has wrenched her back, lost a days work, and is on muscle relaxants.  I didn't mean to do this and have been reassured by all that they know I didn't do this on purpose. Even so I still feel badly about it. John has stepped up and is walking me until Ronalynn's back feels better. [Comments?]

Jan 17, 2006 - I don't like cement mixers!!!  They scare me and they are big smelly noisy trucks - ick, pooh, yuk. Ronalynn, one of my pets says I'm not street smart (yet). [Comments?]


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